Mad skills like a Ninja, but not scary like a Ninja.

HB Auto Lock is the brainchild of Hawke's Bay local, owner-operator, Jeremy Phillips.
Jeremy has a particular passion for automotive locksmithing, which has become quite specialised with the introduction of transponder technology into everyday vehicle security systems.

We service the locals of Hawke's Bay with a fully equipped mobile workshop. We also regularly receive locks and vehicle immobiliser computers to repair from customers all around New Zealand.

"But Jeremy, why would I choose to use HB Auto Lock?"

Good question! The answer is simple. Because we are the BEST!

Cars these days are complicated things, if your car is less than 15 years old, it will contain at least $6000 worth of computers in it. Mistakes caused by people working on your car who are not using the latest equipment or possessing the necessary skills are quick to make and expensive to fix!

Think long and hard about who you trust to work on your vehicle.

"Are you the cheapest in town?"

Probably not! We concentrate on being the BEST!
Do you want the cheapest person to work on your car, or do you want the best?

HB Auto Lock makes every effort to ensure that our prices are fair and reasonable, but we make no claim to be the cheapest option. To be cheaper would mean we'd need to sacrifice either the parts we supply or the standard of workmanship we provide - and we are not prepared to do either!
We take our work very seriously and have a high standard of workmanship and thanks to the fact that we are actively involved in training other locksmiths, both in NZ and around the world, we have developed a wide range of resources to help us solve those tricky locksmithing problems.

We are completely mobile and can come to you.

"Can you [ unlock / supply keys for / fix ] my car?"

Well, I've never met you and I don't know what kind of car you drive, but... yes.
Yes I can.

"Jeremy, should New zealand switch from MMP to an alternate form of voting, such as STV or PV?"

FINALLY! An important question!
The referendum to switch NZ's voting system from FPP to MMP in 1992 was actually the first referendum I was registered to vote in, so I remember considering the options pretty carefully. I did like STV and even PV, but ultimately I voted for MMP - as did nearly 70% of the country.
MMP has generally acheived what it set out to - namely, it's given us coalition governments where the balance of power must be negotiated between multiple parties. This has the effect of creating more moderate, more centerist governments, which I like. There is an issue of the tail wagging the dog, but I can live with this concession, and in fact it has helped us in the past.
My biggest reservation with either of the alternative preferential systems is that you invariably end up with representation in government of crazy parties, since people tend to rank them in the middle order of the ballot. This has been seen in many countries which already use those systems and it makes them look stupid.
My more controversial point is that I don't even think the 5% threshold should be raised. If we lower the threshold to 2% as many would like, Parliment will quickly wind up filled with loads to tiny parties and nothing will ever get done.

I would LOVE to discuss this with you further, but you'll need to lose a key first. Then we can debate it while you're paying me!

HB Auto Lock Ltd is an awesome locksmith company based in Hastings, Hawke's Bay specialising in automotive locksmithing.
Our operation is fully mobile and we will come to YOU!
Phone us now to discuss your needs!


This website was lovingly crafted by HB Auto Lock's web design division. Which ironically is the same as their locksmithing division. Aren't we multi-talented!