HB Auto Lock visits the Islands!

Because you guys have cars too!

Periodically HB Auto Lock visits the beautiful Pacific Islands to make keys and remotes for a range of cars. The cost of producing keys for a transponder-equipped vehicle in a "lost key" situation is far higher both in money and time when you live 3,000kms from the nearest specialist locksmith!

This page will describe the system we use to produce keys for you when you are stranded in Paradise!

No locks Gilligan? Smart!


We are planning a trip to the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga on May 6th, 2019.
All Job bookings must be made by April 30th to ensure they can be included in this trip!


We aim to have all keys cut prior to departing New Zealand. This is important, as transporting key cutting equipment is not as easy as it used to be.
Where keys CAN'T be cut before leaving, we will program the transponder on site and obtain the key cutting information we need. On return to New Zealand, the mechanical key will be produced and couriered back to the islands.
PLEASE HELP US serve you better by taking the time to read the tips below and give us as much information as possible BEFORE we come!


It's important to us that we get the cost of new keys and remotes as low as possible. With the exception of special cases, these visits wait until we have enough work to cover the extra costs associated with travelling so far from base. This allows us to charge these jobs out at the same rate that we charge locally.
Pricing will obviously vary greatly, depending on the exact nature of the job. All pricing is calculated by a direct currency conversion from NZD.
It's our hope that customers will appreciate the difficulties associated with offering such a specialised service while working out of a suitcase! For this reason, no further discounts can be offered.


Payment can be made with Credit card or Internet bank transfer (account holders only). Cash is also accepted in New Zealand currency.



The first thing we need is the Make, Model and Year. The Year is a least important part of this, but even a guess will help. Almost all vehicles are possible, but some are more complicated than others so for an accurate quote, this information is important.

VIN/Chassis Code

Probably the most important detail we need is the Vehicle Identification Number, Chassis or Frame number. This helps us positively identify the exact vehicle.
This number will usually be 17 digits long, but in Japanese Imports may only be shortened one such as the one pictured.
The VIN may be stamped into the firewall, or printed on a small sticker in one of the two front door frames. On European and Korean vehicles, it can be seen through fron of the Windscreen.


Please make a note of all the stampings on the key. In this picture we have some numbers stamped up the blade. You can also look for letters and even a simple dot. All of these markings are REALLY IMPORTANT since they tell us what kind of system is installed in your car.


Please send us a picture of your key. The picture doesn't have to be fantastic quality, but it must be clearly show the blade part of the key.
This picture of a Honda key gives you an idea of what we need.
If you have a remote for your car and you would like another one, make sure this is shown as well.


Get your details together and email us now!

We usually need about three weeks notice to organise enough work to justify an Island visit. If you want to know when the next scheduled one is, then contact us. If there is no visit scheduled, we can still help you arrange keys, but it may be more expensive.

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Our operation is fully mobile and we will come to YOU!
Phone us now to discuss your needs!


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